Fresh water

132Ever undertook a venture where the slightest turn would have undesirable consequences. That’s what I am doing right now. If it was a one day project- NO PROBLEM! It had to be more like a one-2-six month project. Can I keep the strength? Can I finish the course? Can I cling to the prize? We all know that a prize beyond our imagine is laid up in heaven -Phil 3:14- for us; but why does it hurt SO MUCH! When you look at a ship taken in a storm, where it’s rocking, turning suddenly, and you’re in a hurricane on the sea, is it really what it APPEARS to be, or is it SOMETHING ELSE. A cleansing from God himself. Our big God does big cleaning up. And despite how you feel, know that He knows the end from the beginning. The last from the first. The result from the choice. The ALPHA AND OMEGA. Hold on a little longer, your storm is about to come to an end. Hold on! **freshwater

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