What is your life saying!!

This was something on my mind for a day now.  I pray you understand my heart. Here is our Life. This is it!  We are living it now.  Are you doing what you want to do? And is it giving God the glory.  For if it isn’t giving GOD the glory, believe me it is giving someone else it.  Time not given to one thing will given to something else.  Talents not use for Christ, will be use for something else. Life not given to God, will be given for something else. When I was a teenager I felt like life was very long.  This continued as I turned 20, 21 and so on. Let me ask this question: when you reach seventy and look back at your life, what do you want it to have said?  Life is SHORT!! It is like a vapor, it appears for a little time then vanishes away. -James 4:14-   I have made a resolution, that my life will display Christ. Through pure conversation, through my role as a wife, friend, sister… And through the use of my time!  Jesus gave his LIFE for us all.  That’s why we offer our lives to him.  Today, if your life isn’t saying: Christ be the glory, but is saying something else, something you know isn’t what it should be saying, it is alright!! You can repent, that is, change your mind and direction at this moment!   In Matthew 9:13, Jesus said  “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” The truth is we’ve all sinned and fallen short. In one way or another, everyone, everyone have turn away from God.  We have turned left when we should have turned right. We have chosen sin, when we should have chosen to be righteousness. BUT Jesus came to earth, died, and rose, and now that our relationship with him can be mended!  Confess Jesus! believe him! You will be saved (Romans10:9) It’s that simple!  What is your life saying right now?  How are you living for Christ? Are you intentionally using your time for him.  Jesus is worthy of it! 


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