Prayer for Couples

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your manifold blessings.  Right now I present every married couple.  Those across this nation. From California to New York, Washington to Florida, Montana and Texas included.  But also the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  May your hands be on the homes across this land.  Do not let your presence depart from them.  Do not let the power of your Spirit depart from the saints.  We rebuke the enemies hands from us and declare your presence in our families.

But TOO many homes have been torn apart and divided.  TOO many homes have ended up in separation and divorce.  TOO many children have been raised by one parent with the other nowhere in sight.  Too many are boys miss the training of a good man in the home.  TOO many daughters sell their incredible value to Satan and his plans because of broken homes, missing dads and the enticing lucre of the world.  Put an armor about our homes right now and may you restore divided families this nation.  A nation once holding clear moral standards and integrity, now compromised and confused.  Help us all to turn back to the truth of Your WORD.  May we hide it in our hearts that we might now sin against you. 

Husbands, wives, children. May we perform our roles the way you have instructed.  Husbands loving their wives and children.  Wives submitting and honoring their men and children obeying their parents!  May Christian families today live in peace, unity and love and may our nations thrive because of this!

In name of our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ,

we pray.

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.. -Psalms 127:1

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