God Hears, Pain

3 prayers – 1 request.

“Lord, I have been on this job for 19, odd years and I haven’t gotten a promotion yet.” 

“Lord, unlike other young women, I have lived a chaste life.  I didn’t touch anything related to sexual immorality or promiscuity!  I have simply waited on you.  But you haven’t sent me a man yet!  I don’t have a husband.”
“My life Lord have been on a downward spiral since leaving school.  I have made mistakes.  I’ve done things I shouldn’t have done. Hung out with the wrong crowd of people, taken substances I shouldn’t have taken.  My life is a mess!”  But Lord — BLESS ME.
The word of God says according to 1 Chronicles 4 verse 9, that there was a man named Jabez.  This man was “more honorable than brothers.”  He feared and worshipped God.  He lived a godly and righteous life.  But he was NOT perfect!  The name -Jabez- literally means “pain,” a name given by his mother because that’s what He brought to her!  In raising him, Jabez brought a lot pain and headaches. 
But Jabez was tired of his situation and needed God to help him.  He cried, “Oh, that You would BLESS ME, indeed!,” enlarge my boarders, my possessions and my career.  Grant me, Lord, prosperity and favor, and keep pain and shame from me! The promotion You’ve wanted, the child you’ve been praying for, a godly husband that will actually love you as you are! is on its way.  Lord- BLESS ME! This is how our Lord responded: “God gave him what he asked” [the Message, 1 Chronicles 4:10]  Our God is so loving, kind and just, when we ask of him with a pure heart to give us something.  HE GIVES US OUR REQUEST. What a wonderful and marvelous God we serve!  

He has given me my requests, I believe He will give you yours….



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