Being Pressed.

TWELVE LONG YEARSTwelve long years.  Doesn’t that sound like a long time. 

I went from kindergarten through highschool in twelve years. You probably did too! Twelve years?  Twelve years is certainly a long time.  Now imagine this, having a deadly disease for TWELVE YEARS.  That must have felt like a lifetime for this woman

In Luke 8:42-45, there was a woman with a flow of blood for twelve years, and she came to Jesus.  But what happened in this story?  She didn’t walk up to Christ, healthy and strong and say something like, “I beg your pardon Jesus, can I have a minute of your time.” This woman had neither the strength nor the time to do this.  She didn’t even approach Him from front.  Scriptures say that she “came from behind” Jesus and touched his skirt. 

But most of her story started twelve years ago, when her sickness, this issue of blood, a type of illness where she was scorned from society, isolated her friends and family, something considered “unclean.”  But is illness not only isolated her from people, it also absorbed all of her money!  She gave every penny of her checking, savings…you name it for physicians the word of God says, she still “could not be healed by” (v. 43).  This sickness that drained her time, money and strength: to not affect.  Nothing changed, and for twelve years.  But she heard that JESUS was coming, and that he could heal ANY sickness, cure ANY disease, strengthen ANY weakness and release ANY chains. And she decided to press her way to him. 

So this woman started her journey to Jesus.  I am certain at first she must of thought: there is just no way I can get through this huge crowd.  The first press, penetrating the outer circle of the crowd, reaching through people who may have recognized her, and saying something like woman, your not suppose to be here!  You are unclean.  And you are not worh Christ’s attention and time.  

But she pressed on a second time, went through a second set of hurdles.  Now she was in the MIDDLE of the crowd, the middle of the heat, the controversy, the discrimination, the scorn.  Throngs and throngs of people surrounds her.  Should she stop. Should she give in: throw in the towel and say, this crowd is TOO BIG for me. 


In a world where sometimes it feels like no one cares.  Everyone is focused on their own needs, their own concerns, their own desires and do not notice the woman in dier need.  They have not noticed you, and your “issue of blood”, loneliness, unhappiness or desires. But this woman continued to press on through the crowd, touched the skirt of Jesus, and was healed!  

In the midst of her isolation, one person in the crowd noticed her-

Jesus. Crowds of people pressed against Christ: could it be hundreds, it could have even been thousands!

But Jesus replied, “Who touched me?”

His disciples asked Him what he meant. 

But Jesus noticed this woman’s need.  Jesus noticed her loneliness, her helplessness, her sickness and disease.  Jesus noticed her!

He told her to “Your faith have made you whole,” “Go in peace.”  And from then on she was never the same. 

Being pressed?  This woman was pressed for twelve long years and overcame.  So can you.

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