Little things

In butterflies, robins, crickets and lilies.  Everywhere I look, I see God.

The churning of the rivers, the rustling of the leaves, owls whooing, even cows mooing.  EVERYWHERE I LOOK, I SEE GOD!

How can I explain it? I don’t know. His beauty, his humor, his gentleness….  Everywhere I GO, I SEE HIM.

As I give, He gives back; As I lend, He returns.  Always meeting, supplying, providing.

When I need a little nudge, a little help, a little hope; His hands lifts me right back to where I was. I can take hold of exactly what I need.

Then when I want to question His love; to question his ability; to questions if He’s here!- I SEE HIM AGAIN.  

Little here, little there adds to a lot of God.  WoW!

Psalms 36:5

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.


           Fill me with your love that would not turn to another.

           May I walk in your steps, show your love to others

            and count all the things you do for me.

In Jesus name. 

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