5pm Monday afternoon five months ago: 

Ken, my husband, walks through the door…

Ken: Hi Hun, what’s for dinner?

Me: Chicken and white rice. 

Ken: What kind of chicken? You know I like it grilled.

Me (interrupting): Hun, it’s already cooked, sorry it’s too late.

Me: So how was work?

Ken: SIGH  Today felt sooo long.  LONG SIGH

5pm Monday afternoon today:

Ken, walks through the door…

Ken: You will be so proud of me, I just had a chicken and ham sandwich, one apple and a bottle of water today. You know, Jovette, let’s go walking this afternoon.

Me: STARING AT HIM  (In bewilderment and awe— Thank you Jesus!)

Me: Anyway, I made beef parmesan lasagna for dinner.

Ken:  Really…

Me: Yes, but I used lean beef.

Ken:  I knew there was a catch.


Life is short!  Dump the boring.  And you know, I may not be perfect, but I refuse to be boring.  Boring, uneventful, and even worst ROUTINE. 

Routine isn’t bad, but when you no longer stop to smell flowers, when you no longer listen to the crickets and the robins, when you no longer count the stars in the velvet sky or cherish your baby’s cheeks and the cute burps between them. When you no longer see your clients as individuals probably in need of a smile and an understanding ear.  When you no longer eat, exercise and rest to maintain longevity of life- the body God has entrusted you with.  And when you forget His daily provision, you had just enough gas in the car, just enough money to the meet bills, just enough you flour to make your daughter’s birthday cake! It’s amazing how God comes through for the little things too.  When you no longer appreciate life and the God who gave it to you – John 1:3, but rather are caught in what I call the cyclical routine of boredom and nowhere.  I purposefully seek to soak up life- a period time I’ve been given. 

This is your life.  Please don’t make it routine.

If you like this post, follow me for more inspiration, encouragement and strength in Christ Jesus.  My Life with Christ is especially designed for women.  – Jovette Michelle Archer


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