Storms Distract

In Matthew 14, there is a story that perhaps we all have heard- a great miracle where Jesus actually walks of water!  But think about the story.  There is a tremendous amount of depth and significance in its meaning. 

Think of it from one of His disciples, say Peter’s perspective.  So Jesus sent you and few other people out on a boat to cross a sea.  You guys load the deck for departure, get on the boat and lift the anchor out of the sea.  No problems! 

The ship sets sale, the captain (say Andrew) says there is sunny skies, no appearance of clouds or possibility of rain.  Somehow as soon as you got to middle of the sea, out of nowhere clouds spread the sky, it starts to rain and rain.  It is a Storm. 

This large comfortable boat suddenly feels a lot smaller being toss left and right.  Now you couldn’t tell whether it a storm or a hurricane!  Your boat is being hit and it just happens to be in middle of the night.  This is scenario that scripture gives.  Peter and the other disciples of Jesus where caught in the sea in the midst of a storm far from land (Matt 14:24).

If you were alone on this boat it might even feel terrified.  Nonetheless, the rain beats on the roof, the wind whistle through the walls.  You’re in the middle of a storm. A storm you didn’t ask for!

Then at about 3 am (the fourth hour of the night), while the storm still rages, when you least expects, Jesus shows up.  He says, “Don’t be afraid, take courage. I am here”!  [V27 NLT]

And in the rest of story, we see Peter, because of his love to Christ says “Lord, if it’s you,” tell me to walk on the water. So Peter walks on the sea with his Lord. He is actually walking on water! And Peter is focused on Jesus until he notices of the storm and winds that are all around him.  Peter began to look around and in the midst of his storm: lost focus on Christ.  Scripture says, But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink Peter cried out for help and Jesus reached and pulled him up by the hand.

But at first Peter was not distracted by the storm.    

There will be times when dramatic events happen in our lives.  These are unforeseen, unexplained things that occur.  It may be difficult to concentrate of Jesus.  You may not even be able to hear your own thoughts right in the middle of a circumstance.   But Jesus, he is there to lift you up out of the storm and give you peace that surpasses human understanding. –Philippians 4:7 

Jesus in with you in midst of life’s storms.
Life certainly has ups and down, mountains and vallies, platforms and potholes.

Be encouraged.


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