Restoration is coming to ME

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.         -Joel 2:25

When God restores, it is BIG, GREAT and MARVELOUS!

There is a man in the bible named Job, who in ONE day went from being very wealthy to poor.  He went from being healthy to sick.  His friends didn’t help his situation; he became depressed and sad; IT DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HIS SITUATION WOULD EVER CHANGE,

but it did…!

Job was a man of integrity and good character.  He gave to the poor and needy, he lived a clean life and he worshipped God how he lived.  Job 1:1 noted that he was “perfect and upright.”  Job was also very wealthy: prospering in ALL he did.  Scripture quotes that Job “was the greatest of all the men of the east.”  He must have been pretty well-to-do afterall.  But one day he lost ALL he had.  Job had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, to name a few.  Job had ten (10) health children. Scripture states that they were feasting and celebrating together at their eldest brother’s house when disaster struck. 

So one day, one (1) messenger came and told Job, while I was keeping the oxen foreigners attacked us and stole all of your oxen.[paraphrase]

A minute later, another messenger told Job, Fire came from the sky and destroyed all your sheep and their shepherds.

Then a third messenger came immediately saying, an enemy of ours snuck on us and stole all of your camels, ALL your camels.

But then a forth messenger came bearing what I believe was the worst news of all:  all of your children were killed at their eldest brother’s house by a (tornado-forced) wind that hit while they were feasting.

When all was gone, Job had nothing!

No family, no income, no possessions and NO PEACE. The next 36 chapters, Job and his friends wallowed in despair and sadness.

These days many people are without a steady income, have forfeited their careers and dreams. Many students cannot afford going to college, parents struggling to meeting bills much less tuition, employers struggle to pay employees.  Many people have gone without.

But there is Hope!

Job’s situation dramatically turned around. 

In Job 38, the scripture says God gave Job TWICE as many sheep, camels and possessions as he had before.  He regain ten more children. And Job joy was restored.

God will give us everything that has been taken as we serve, turn to and trust him! And like Job, more!

In the end Job could say like Joseph:

 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good. – Genesis 50:20

Jesus paid the price and bore our judgment that we can live “life abundantly.”

– John 10:10, Isaiah 53:3-4, 1Peter 2:24


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Women of Virtue and Courage!

Helen Keller- well known writer, educator and disability advocate overcame incredible limitations to make her mark on the world. She contracted an ailment at 19 months of age that left her blind, deaf and mute. The odds of her becoming more than an institutionalized statistic was against her. Yet through the determination for her mom, Kate Adams Keller and the labor of her teacher, Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller was the first blind-deaf person to attend college. She has written 12 books and numerous articles, the first entitled “The Story of My Life” written at the age of 22 while still in college! She overcame supposedly insurmountable obstacles.

Then there is Joni Eareckson Tada- while she went diving at age of 17, encountered an accident that left her a quadriplegic, unable to use both legs and both hands. Yet she has produced some of the most beautiful and intricately detailed art by using her paint brush and her teeth. An outspoken woman of Faith, Mrs. Tada written more than 50 books, is decorated with numerous awards and is the CEO and founder of Joni & Friends, an International Disability Center, ministering to persons with disabilities and taking the message of Christ to over 47 countries!

We established that a woman of virtue is a woman who possesses moral and ethical standards, and is a woman of an honest and righteous character.
There is woman in the Bible that was not only a woman of virtue, but also a woman of courage.

A King of one of the greatest provinces, extending from Africa (Ethiopia) to Asia (India), named King Ahasuerus, had recently dethroned his wife- Queen Vashti, in search for a wife to be queen “better than Queen Vashti.” Queen Vashti had dishonored her husband when while King Ahasuerus threw a feast for all his assistants and officials in his kingdom, he had asked queen Vashti to come and display her beauty for all the guests to see. Well Queen Vashti refused. For whatever reason, she did not want to come forward at the King’s command. She dishonored him, so King Ahasuerus removed her crown and title and began a process of selecting a new queen for his empire.
Many women were selected for this “Royal Pageant.” Women throughout Africa and Asia- were bought before him. The outcome of these hundreds (at least) women selected, screened and chosen, an orphan Jew named Esther was selected to be Queen!
A few years later, Haman, chief prince of King Ahasuerus’ provinces, grew disdain and remorse toward the Jews, because Mordecai, one of the King’s servants, (Esther’s cousin) a Jew, refused to bow down to Haman. Haman wanted to eliminate all Jews in the provinces of the King. He didn’t want anyone to survive. His hate, malice and anger was terrifying.
However, Haman did not know that the Queen was also a Jew. When Queen Esther heard the decree and ransom to kill the Jews, she commanded Mordecai saying, “Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me;… And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!” Esther knew that anyone, no matter the title, wealth or position, if they go in to the King without being requested by him, would be sentenced to death. There was only one exception: the king extend his gold scepter to the person, then they will live.
Just as Esther told Mordecai, after fasting three days, she went and stood before the King. King Ahasuerus extended his golden scepter giving Esther permission to ask whatever she wanted of him. Ofcourse, Esther requested that Haman’s decree to kill all the Jews be stopped. King Ahasuerus not only granted her request, but sentenced Haman and his men to death for conspiracy against the Jews.
Here, one (1) woman’s courage, changed the destiny of an entire nation and people. One woman’s courage, gave glory to God!
Are you showing courage in your life, choices and actions. Are you using your life to honor the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Jesus himself.
Or are you sitting on your talents thinking “Oh, someone else will do the job…” when God has positioned YOU to do it.

Father, give me strength and courage to honor you, stand for justice and love others. In Jesus’ name.

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Women of Virtue & Strength

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  –Proverbs 31:10

A woman of virtue is a woman who possesses moral standards of an honest, righteous character. She also has a character of humility, self-control, meekness, long-suffering and strength.

A woman of virtue – Proverb 31: 11 says, “The heart of her husband safely trusts her….” 

This woman is responsible in dealing with the affairs of her home and in life.  Taking account for the resources in her possession, for she knows they were entrusted to her by God.  She does not waste her efforts, her time, food, clothes, finances, etc.  She does not “charge” all the items she buys in the store, putting her family in unnecessary debt and stress.  Instead she uses the home’s resources wisely and in discretion, and her husband knows this.  And because has won the trust of her husband or those near to her, she is given more responsibilities and favor!

 She does him [her husband] good and not evil, All the days of her life. – Proverbs 31:12

Sue may make the statement. “I am a strong woman.” She works hard, has a good job, high prospects and perhaps is manager of her business.  Yet she plots and secretly demeans her husband.  Tells others, “he’s lazy, good-for-nothing, trash… (you name it)” Sue may be hardworking, but Sue is not a woman of virtue.  Rather than complaining, nay-saying, or condemning her husband, a virtuous wife uplifts, edifies and compliments him with her words.  “Thank you for all you do.”  “I appreciate you doing that: throwing out the trash or cleaning the dishes.” Gossip, no matter how big or entertaining it is, a woman of virtue pursues edifying, compliments and lifting up others by her words. She also displays acts of kindness, grace and love, because she does him [her husband] good!  This is her strength and trademark: to show grace and kindness to others.

She is like the merchant ships, She brings her food from afar. – Proverbs 31:14

Growing up, sometimes I wondered why my mom had to go to certain places, stores or salons, because they were usually on the other side of town.  Looking back now I see the reason behind her decision: Mom wanted the best of everything.  Her dresses were of a certain standard (And the shoe and hats that matched). She dishes and knives were of a certain standard.  Even food, she want of particular types.  She didn’t purchase them from anyone, anyhow.  She was and still is this way.  I am blessed to have her as my mom.

A woman of virtue seeks the best things for herself and loved ones, even if she has to go the distance to get it.

A woman of virtue “girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms.” – Proverbs 31:17

Do you know what the purpose of a girdle is?  A girdle is a tough, flexible cloth that gives support and frame to ones abdomen and back.  This woman girds herself with strength.  She strengthens her back and arms.  She is active, consistently working, always gathering supplies, always working hard.  She is strong, but she is also a tower of strength to those around her.  Others can seek consolation and encouragement from her.  They flock her, for they are blessed by her generosity.  She gives hope to dead circumstances by the words of her mouth.

                Before we begin to assume that this woman of virtue and strength acquired all these traits on her own, let me state that she recognizes where her strength lies; who is the source of it.

The Lord God[He] is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet,
And He will make me walk on my high hills.
– Habakkuk 3:19

The woman of virtue and strength receive her strength from God.  Her Lord and King.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to do things on my own strength to come to find out that it fizzles and fades along with the task I’m doing.  We get tired sometimes!  We are weak and frail, but God, at our moment of exhaustion provides us with strength!

Remember Hagar, maid to Abraham and Sarah.  When she and Ishmael her son were sent away from Sarah, they reached a point in their journey where had no more water. No water and they were faint. Then God sent an angel and Hagar saw a fountain of water in the desert, and they were strengthen!  Our God is faithful to sustain, provide and strengthen his people!  He is worthy of our praises!

Father, I realize that my own strength and ability will not sustain and last. I need your help.  Help me become a woman of virtue and strength, honoring to you, relying and depending on you.

In Jesus’ name.

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Women of Virtue and Character

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  –Proverbs 31:10

In the previous post, we established that a woman of virtue is a woman who possesses moral and ethical standards, and a woman with an honest and righteous character.

 What is character?  There are several definitions.  At it’s base, character is simply a feature or characteristic notable to an individual.  An individual can have a character of integrity; then again one can portray a malicious, deceitful character. 

But a woman with a righteous or godly character is a woman of virtue.  A woman of Godly character knows how to love and sacrifice for someone else.  There are many women of virtue in the bible. Sarah (Abraham’s wife), Rebekah (Abraham’s daugther-in-law), Queen Esther and Deborah (the judge of Israel) to name a few.  But a notable woman of Godly character in a very  profound and powerful way is Ruth. 

As a famine devoured the crop and bread in Israel, Naomi and her husband moved to Moab.  While there, their two sons married Ruth and Orpah but shortly therefore, Naomi husband died.  Shortly after that, Ruth and Orpah husbands died.  Leaving two young widows with Naomi, a widow herself!. 

Naomi strongly encouraged her daughters-in law to return back to their homes.  Orpah left, but Ruth stayed.  Ruth had lost everything!  Her husband, and the security that came with that, and she would have to move to a new country, where she didn’t know the people.  Yet Ruth stayed and cared for Naomi for the rest of her life.  And during that time God blessed Ruth tremendously with a husband who was a community leader and a son.

 With no incentives, money, wealth, fortune or security to gain from being with Naomi, Ruth still went on and stayed with Naomi.  Ruth had nothing to gain, she simply loved Naomi.  Then again character is traits that are authentic to an individual.  How they live in secret or public, how they live whether they possess money or not. 

Character is who we are when everything prominent has been strip away.

A Woman of Virtue AND Character.

Are you?                                                                   

Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. –Ruth 1:16

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Women of Virtue & Excellence

 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  -1 Corinthians 10:31

Joyce Meyer, a renown woman of faith and speaker, as a young girl was rape and sexually abuse by her father in their St. Louis home, which left a scare on her mind and overall health for a long time. A failed marriage and other struggles occurred shortly thereafter and she found herself at local bars frequently. Until she discovered God, and through thinking on His Word it brought the freedom she so desperately needed.  She now has a TV show & ministry that according to her team at reaches more than FOUR BILLION potential viewers.  It’s called Enjoying Everyday Life.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. – Proverbs 31:30

Solomon was a King of Israel.  And known as “the wealthiest and wisest man that ever lived.“ The Jerusalem temple he built became one of the ancient wonders of the world1. Imagine a long and wide temple with pillars, high ceilings and intricate art like that of the Sistine Chapel in Italy except the entire interior, from floor to ceiling, is pure gold.  He designed this great temple along with a grand palace, gardens, roads and government buildings. Because of the amount of riches he had and how he made peace alliances with other nations- accounting for Israel’s 40 years of peace4– Solomon is also known as the only man that had 1000 women! [Really. See 1 Kings 11]

Yet King Solomon made this statement:

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  Solomon would know about this, being married to so many women!  But a woman that shows virtue, is a woman possessing moral and ethical standards. An exemplary life.  Honest and righteous character.

King Solomon was emphasizing in this passage, the a woman of honest and righteous character was very rare. 

She according to Proverbs 31:10-31, a Woman of virtue is noted for 3 characteristics:

  1. She takes care of her home – despite how busy she may be and even if she has dreams or goals of her own, she set aside time for the home. She even gets up early to supply for her household.
  2. She has a good attitude – “Willingly” working around her home, “willingly” defending the cause of the destitute, defenseless and poor.  “Willingly” gives of her time, talents and self. Willingly.
  3. She treats her husband with love and respect – She doesn’t plot, scheme, speak negatively of her man! Whether she is married or single, she knows to give honor to whom it is due.

And this woman is a woman of excellence.  She children have on expensive scarlet (verse 21).  She doesn’t settle for Anything.  Any job, any house, any last-minute-slap-it-together thing.  And she certainly doesn’t settle with being treated anyhow.  She recognizes she value and worth in the sight of God is far greater than her mind can comprehend.  All she does is to the glory of her God.  Yet she likes nice things. [Most of us can agree here J]

Remember Virtue is possessing moral and exemplary character.  It is a character that you don’t mind other girls or girls of your own to possess.  Not proud, or self-righteous but simple honesty and purity. This is a woman of virtue.

“I am a woman of virtue & excellence.”  Even if you don’t see yourself that way.  Still say it!  Even if your husband doesn’t think you are.  Change and start a fresh. From this moment, resolve to be a Woman of Virtue.


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