To purpose in your Heart!

There is passage in the Bible where, after the all the Israelites were taken by Babylon and their King, the king had set up a plan to train more servants for himself.  So they selected the best and brightest of the young Hebrew men, known for their intelligence and gifted in learning, to be taught literature, multiple languages, you name it.  Their clothes would be taken care of, they would have food directly from the King’s table, and they would live in the palace.  These young men would not have to worry about anything!

The King instructions were that these young men eat the food from his table, including probably some roasted pork and dressing, beef brisket with carrots, grilled steak and potatoes (you can’t get any better!!), and so on…. But the people of Babylon ate different foods from the children of Israel-Hebrews.  There were certain foods that God had commanded the Hebrews to refrain.  They foods considered unclean (like pork and many other unclean animals- See Leviticus 7.) 

Daniel knowing what he was NOW permitted to eat, had “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies.” So Daniel and friends -Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego- told the guards that they would not eat the King’s meat, but to give them 10 days on just a leafy plant called pulse.  Turns out, that by the end of those days the boys looked better and stronger than all the other men that actually ate meat! Amen.

But there are times when we are faced with Challenges. You can decide to do one thing and be accepted by many OR you can do the right thing toward God and be isolated from the crowd. 

The choice is yours.  You may be alone on an issue that you’re standing up for, or you may have to show the truth someone. You may simply have to pronounce “NO,” the next time you are asked to do something you know displeases Christ.  Whatever your test is, stand boldly and declare what is true and right, to the Glory of God!


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–          Jovette Archer


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