Her Hope is in the Lord!

Today’s Thought:  Trusting in God rather than man brings true happiness.

There is a passage in Scripture that describes the story of a woman who hoped in the Lord despite the deck being stacked against her.  She is referred to as a “notable woman” in the text; many Christians today recognize her as the Shunnamite woman.  What made this woman stand out was her thoughtful hospitality efforts.  This is in 2 Kings 4, where the Shunnamite woman saw that the Prophet Elisha frequently pass through her town.  So each time he came there she would have a good meal prepared for him.  So much so, that Elisha would just stop by her place whenever he was in town.  Verse 8 says, “So it was, as often as he passed by, he would turn in there to eat some food.”

So as this continued, she went and spoke with her husband, for like all diligent wives she had thoughts of expansion.  She told her husband, Let’s build another room to our house so that when the Prophet Elisha comes again to visit, he would not only receive a hardy meal, but he would also have a place to lay his head overnight.  Indeed, she had it all planned out: She then began to list everything that they needed to get.  We need get a table, a bed, a chair and lampstand for the room, she thought.  Her husband probably responded, “That’s all honey? (smile…)”  But the Shunnamite woman wasn’t going to give the Prophet of God an incomplete room.  If she was going to prepare a room, it was going to be complete.  If she was going to have a room built, it will be thoroughly decorated in love and warmth.  If she was going to give God’s Prophet a meal, she was also going to prepare a room with all the comfortable features, not to mention, fresh towels and fresh linen.  She was virtuous woman and she wanted to give Elisha the royal honor and treatment he deserved.

When the Prophet Elisha was greeted with such hospitality and love, he turned and asked the Shunnamite woman, “What can I do for you?” Initially she did not respond.  But then Elisha asked his servant what she had need of.  And he said to Elisha that she and her husband, an aged man, had no children.  And Elisha replied, Next year this time you will be embracing a son.  Exactly a year later she was!

But as the boy grew, one day the boy exclaimed, “My head, My head,”  and fell in his moms lap and died there.  Then in haste, she went and pursued the Prophet Elisha.  When he heard that she came to him, he sent word to ask, “Is it well with you, your husband and child?”  Then despite the situation she replied, “It is well.”

What profound words from someone whose son, only son was dead, but she wasn’t no ordinary woman.  She placed her hope in the Lord.  And the Prophet came to her home, and seeing the boy on the bed, stretched out on top of him and the boy began to sneeze for seven times and came back to life!

“Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in the Lord his God.” – Psalm 146:5


Help us to put our whole trust and hope in you rather than men.

We acknowledge that you are our strength, provider, healer,

creator and our Lord.  All of our help comes from you.  May your

light and glory shine through us this day!

In Jesus’ Name.

Psalm 146:5


  1. Beautiful. So often I aim for, “It is well” and miss. I tend to land at, “it would be great if…” This is a fantastic and on time reminder (for me) that our Hope is in the Good God we serve,who is doing a Good work. Always. AMEN.

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