Who Do You See In The Mirror

When you look in the mirror, who is looking back?

Image A woman whose heart is vulnerable to the thoughts and opinions of others?  A woman who must be told by others, “you are beautiful” in order for her to believe it.  A woman who sees a hideous figure, like an alien, looking back because for so long she has believed the demeaning and belittling words others say to you- that you don’t even recognize yourself.  (Side thoughts: “What has happened to me?”)

That vulnerable heart bound with insecurity and constant negativity.  Perhaps you have been rejected by others, and repeatedly.  Perhaps you’ve never truly sought out your true worth.  Who You Are?  That is, your self-worth and value.  Rather your already fragile heart have been expose to further pain.  Others saying, “Who does she think she is?” 

“She can never be good enough.”

“She is ugly.”

“ She isn’t worth anything.”

And the sad part is that you believe this!   But, you have believed lies!

A woman from Samaria went to a well, Jacob’s well, to fetch some water. Unbenounced to her Jesus was at that well at the same time.  Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.”

She replied, “How is it that a Jew asks for a drink of water from a Samaritan?”  She did not realize that Jesus does not see nationality, race, selecting people of a certain social -class or -standing.

After giving Jesus more reasons why she could not get this ‘living water’ that he spoke about, she finally gave in and asked for this living & lasting water; that’s when Jesus said something personal to her.  Something that reflected a small view into her heart and how she viewed herself.

Jesus told her, “Go, call your husband and return!”

She replied, “I have no husband.”

Jesus said that indeed she has had five husbands and the man she is currently living with is not her husband!  You see in that day and time women could not divorce from men, so five men, one after the other, rejected her, devalued her, then discarded her.  How do you think she viewed herself? Her self-image?  How do think others who knew her short-comings treated her?

I imagine at one time Sam [the Samaritan woman] had walked to the well with the other women from her small town.  They would talk about their day, their husbands and their kids –but then they started talking about her.  Whispers and condescending glances must have come after her first divorce, judgment and shame after her second.  At what point had Sam distanced herself? Had she made excuses to stay back while the other women went ahead, insisting she was “fine”…                                                                          — Excerpt, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope

Until Jesus stepped in and revealed her broken heart.  Bringing darkness into the light and quenching the lies of the Darkness with the truth of the Light.

If thoughts of rejection and doubt have filled your heart and consumed your mind, give your heart over to Jesus, the only answer to you trouble.  Let him remove the dirt, cleanse your heart, restore your mind.


I have indeed listened to the LIES of this world. 

Lies that I am unworthy of love, that I’m a failure: worthless.

Please take these thoughts and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. 

I receive your word which says I am accepted.  I receive your word

which says I am worthy of so much love that you died in my place.

I receive your word which says I am a beautiful creation.  It is In you and nowhere

else that I find meaning and worth!  Thank you.

In Jesus name.

Extension: John 15:13, John 3:15-16, Jeremiah 31:3, Psalms 139:14, Jeremiah 1:5-6, Acts 10:34-35

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