Unhappy thoughts. 

Thoughts of defeat.


 Thoughts of constant disdain, dissatisfaction and hopelessness.

When you look at your picture, you feel is dissatisfied….

You look at your home, you feel dissatisfied….

You look at your stance with God, dissatisfied….

You look at your weight, very dissatisfied!

And so on, and so on.

But don’t think this way!

You turn and look at your neighbor’s house, children and stuff, and of course they are all perfect.

Then you turn and look back at “me” and all you see a worthless heart, who has failed over and over again.

This is a pattern of unhappiness: where negative thoughts have consumed your thinking.

The thing is

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions

and our actions encapsulate our lives.

Let’s trade in these thought patterns of unhappiness and defeat for thoughts of Hope and Victory!

Meditate on truths like:

God loves and cares for me so much, he has counted every strand of hair on my head.  -Matthew 10:30. He knows and calls me by name. – Isaiah 45:3.  I am the apple of His eye.  – Zechariah 2:8  For God soo loved [Me] the world…. – John 3:16  That’s why He died for us!  You are special in His sight and worth so much.  More than you can imagine.


Instead living a life of dissatisfaction, and life of unhappiness and defeat.  Rest in Jesus:

This is precisely why a satisfied woman is such a surprising woman.  She is shockingly noticeable to a world that lives on a watered-down version of the secret- a secret that she obviously got the truth about.  You can tell it by her peace and serenity, by her solace and restfulness, by the mysterious sense of ease that accompanies her.  Her presence alone delivers an air of refreshment….

               -Excerpt, The Resolution for Women,

Priscilla Shirer

A satisfied, uplifting and peaceful woman does not only live a happier personal life, but also lightens the load of those around her.  You see, Joy is contagious! And so is positive, uplifting speech.

You are an overcomer!  Regardless of the situation, regardless of the circumstance.  In rain, in snow, in difficulties AND in victories.  You’re an overcomer in everything.

Begin to think this!

And watch your situation turn around.

God speaking: “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

–          2 Corinthians 12:9


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