Overcoming Rejection and Abuse

It was not in the Almighty’s Plan, yet many women have been affected by abuse.  Whether physical, sexual, verbal or emotional.  Countless innocent children around us have also suffered harm at the hands of the heartless.

What is abuse? Abuse means to misuse, or improperly use or injure by maltreatment.  Sexual abuse include rape, molestation or incest.  Emotional abuse involves without attention, affecttion or simple abandonment.  Verbal abuse can either be overt- the use of angry, aggressive words or covert- where loving words of acceptance are withheld. Then there’s Physical abuse including beatings, unbalanced discipline like being locked in closets or food being withheld.

Here are some women who endured abuse and share their stories with others:

Christine Caine – sought-after speaker, author and cofounder of the anti-human-trafficking organization-The A21 Campaign, was abused for many years as a girl by several men.  In her book- “Undaunted” she also goes into how she did not realize she was adopted until she was an adult and for her name on her birth certificate- her parents wrote “unknown.”

Joyce Meyers, popular speaker, preacher and author was abused in many forms by her own father.  He not only molested her, but also a dear friend of hers and she said, I felt absolutely “ashamed and embarrassed.”  “I lived in a very controlled environment,” and she felt unsafe.  Looking back at her childhood, there was not a single moment where she felt like she was in a safe place.

Dawn Wilson, now author, Bible Teacher and Pastor of Mighty Warrior Church, Athens, Alabama said, “I do not know how often I had been sexually molested” by her grandfather.  Finally at age 5 or 6 she told her mother, after her brother insisted that she did.  Her grandfather had persuaded her that if she tells anyone, “Everyone would hate me.” She was brainwashed that something was wrong with her and not the person abusing her. She said: “As a child I only understood that I must have done something terribly wrong. This opened the door for me to see myself as having little to no value…. I carried that estimation of myself for many, many, many years.”

There are so many other women who have been abused. May be ou know someone thought they may not out-right say so, who are being abused right now.   They must seek counseling , healing and help!

The truth is the effects of abuse are long lasting making people feel devalue, violated and useless long long after the abuse has occurred. Feelings and belief of low self-worth, low self-esteem or confidence, low self-ambition or repeated thoughts of depression are far from what God had planned for each of our lives. And it is the enemies assignment to destroy God’s great plans by abuse.

Interesting enough each of these women and more successfully overcame there struggles and pain. It took time. But each of these women have testimonies of the Holy Spirit’s power and healing of their greatest, darkest secrets and hurts. How he miraculously delivered them and how he help them to forgive the people.

There is hope for you (or your friend) or anyone you know that have endured such struggle. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all. – Psalms 34:19


Help me (or my friend) today. You’ve seen the pain that I’ve faced. You’ve seen every hurt, every tear and every unfair treatment I have received. I know you are a faithful Deliverer, hearing every prayer and touch the down-trodden. Touch me now and heal me of my hurt. Help me to forgive _name here__. I know you love me, you have great plans for my life and value me dearly. Teach me to overcome every obstacles in this process of healing. For your Glory!

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