Leading Women – Intro

We are in a time and a season when the influence of women on our culture have reached an all-time high. Today, women can have any job or perform any task that a man can. Women teach, are engineers, go to the moon and back, we can obtain the highest, most extensive degrees, they can even perform all of the duties of a Priest. Women are doing today what was unthinkable a few decades ago, juggling a number of roles, accomplishing new feats and raising society’s stakes!


Women are leading in a number of areas and capacities today, and rightfully so- many of them earned it!

As we lead in various sects and capacities in our nation or wherever we find ourselves, remember that our Gift to Lead is God-given, and must be used for His honor and the expansion of His Kingdom on the earth.

When God made the first made man and woman, he imparted to them a covenant known as the Dominion Covenant. Genesis 2:26 reads,

“Then God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule. King James says, “And let them have dominion.”

God was saying that He has given man & woman the authority to have dominion in the earth. In other words, man and woman was made to rule; we were designed to lead.

From the beginning God had given Adam and Eve authority to rule over all of creation with vigor and strength. We are not to follow every thought or belief sent our way, but we ought to lead. We are to lead other women into a path that is right with compassion. We are to lead in the workplace, not following every tabloid news or gossip-based conversation, but start the trend of positive conversation. We are to lead our kids, whose potentials are still to be seen and very lives we are responsible for. Whether we lead a mission, disaster relief, or mom of kindergarteners group; a club, a team or an army of people, let us lead so others ultimately see our Creator in us.

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Just a glimpse into how much women affect our society. Tony Evans in his book, “Kingdom Woman,” (co-authored with his daughter Chrystal Evans-Hurst) stated that “Women have been equipped with such an innate capacity for influence that they can change the world for good or, unfortunately, for bad.”

Hopefully you know God made you lead. Hopefully you believe the authority we have been given by God and must be used unto Him. This is not to promote any one person, but to build God’s kingdom.

To be the LEADING WOMAN He has called you, walking in grace, excellence and a continued commitment toward OUR KING- Christ himself, you must use the following:

  1. Lead with Excellence as unto Him. In whatever we do, we ought to do it as if we are presenting it to our King. In reciprocation, knowing that God gave his best to us. Doing our best in everything, which also means in leading others: we must be fair and just in doing so, remembering it is the Lord who allowed us to lead in the first place.
  2. Meditate on His Word- Leaders, men and women alike will get discouraged at times and next to prayer, they know to find encouragement through the Word. It is during these times that passages like, “I will never leave you nor forsake,” (Hebrews 13:5) and “only be strong and of good courage!” (Joshua 1:7) can mean so much. Or sadly when our enemies come against us again, we know and believe that, “The Lord will fight for you…” (Ex. 14:14). It’s His Word that keeps us in hard times. It’s His Word that breathes life to the dead situation, His Word declares “we are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath” (Deut. 28:13). It’s His Word that encourages us, guides our steps and lights our path.
  3. Walk in wisdom- realizing that good leadership takes planning, effort and strategy in leading today.
  4. Display love to everyone. Everyone you come into contact with especially fellow sisters in the Lord. Heb. 6:10 & John 13:35. Some people are thirsty for it, in a world with a serious drought in Love.


You were made to lead. You were designed to direct others to the King rather than be directed astray, into a hundred different directions, which do not give Him praise. God formed you with a specific Plan and Purpose in mind- so stand tall, keep your head up, walk in confidence and assurance that God and the Creator loves you and is with you. Do not be afraid of men’s faces, but in liberty and dominion walk into the destiny Christ had laid out for you!

See-Job 25:2, Ps. 37:23 and Matthew 16:19


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In 1950, women made up 29% of all working people- the workforce.  70% of whom held clerical or secretarial positions. (4)


TODAY, women make up 50% of the workforce (49.9% in 2009) and hold a variety of positions, qualifications and income levels. (5)  In fact, 70% of married women who have kids also have an outside job.   A much higher percentage than in 1950!

The roles and responsibilities of women have sky-rocketed.  They must keep a clean & welcoming home, raise healthy balanced kids, balance the budget, run their forty-hour-a-week office/clinic/classroom, attend to aging parents, love their husbands and teach Sunday School…… .Modern Woman

The role of women are so complex and demanding: it’s mindboggling at times.  One article refers to the working women as a “Jugglers of multiple roles.”  So,

How many roles can you juggle?  5, 6 or up to 8 items all at once!

And the question still remains:

Where do women find the time to do all they must do.

Are you just, barely getting from day to day, rather than THRIVING in every area of life.

Are you constantly late?  Do you ever have time for YOURSELF?

Do you procrastinate often?  Not enough time to exercise and eat the right foods?   Read this!


When a woman has too much to “juggle” or spend too much time in a given role this leads to Role Strain. (1)

Consequences of role strain

  • Strained personal relationships
  • Decline in physical health
  • Anger and hostility
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Fatigue & tiredness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

And other unhealthy and addictive habits can develop like Alcoholism and Overeating.


It was never God’s will for us to lead imbalance, anxiety-filled, unproductive live!

It was Christ who said,  The Thief came only to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  But I am come that you might have LIFE and have it more abundantly. -John 10: 10

Our Lord also taught us that know matter how much stuff, jobs,assignments we must complete– To put Him first!

Matthew 6:33 says,

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 

And Do Not Worry About Your Life.

Allowing ourselves to be overworked and over-stressed, trying to jungle everything, and “control” our lives, rather than Walking by Faith and remembering God’s promises to us are true.  (2 Cor. 5:7 Rom. 1:17) and He is guiding our every step (Ps. 37:23).

Here are some Tips on coping with stress and living a balanced life (1):

1.Setting attainable personal and professional goals. Periodically ask yourself, “If something catastrophic happened to me today, would I have any regrets about the way I have lived my life?” To prevent burn-out, set limits.

2. Choose a partner and others who share your goals. Choose competent and trustworthy support people, such as child care providers and secretaries.

3. Establish your priorities. Make time for your family (attend school performances and sports events, take family vacations) and GOD and take care of yourself (eat right, get enough exercise, sleep). Remember to maintain a sense of humor.

4. Two potential spheres of support (ie, work and family) can serve as a useful role model for children.

So take care of yourselves- go to the beach, have a makeover day, treat ourselves to a sundae!  And Please Please Turn off that cell phone!

If you implement these steps you’re well on your way to Living a Balanced Life.


Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            – 3 John 1:2

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The TRULY Confident Woman


What is Confidence?

It is a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.

One can say it is the assurance of one’s ability, competency or even potential.


Who is A Confident Woman?

A TRULY Confident woman not only believes that she can accomplish great strides, touch many lives and succeed at what she does, but she also trusts God to get her there.

Here are three women, of three different times and locations, who have unprecedented influence (AND CONFIDENCE -shhh).


Esther of the Bible

A common Hebrew girl in a time one of the largest kingdoms inhibited the earth.  Though she didn’t have much -in terms of wealth, prestige, multiple treasures or talents- she went and joined the large group of young women who went before the King, in his selection of the next queen of Persia and Media and some 127 provinces (Esther 1:1-3).  Then the passage says, “the young woman pleased” the head Coordinator or Chief Eunuch of the young women and Esther was given servants and moved “to the best place in the house.” (Esther 2:9)  Scripture then states the month, the year- I’m surprise it does not give the time- for apparently King Ahasuerus loved Esther far more than all the other young women who came before him.  Verse 17 emphasize that the King placed the “royal crown” on her head and Esther, formerly Hadassah – an orphaned Jewish girl, who was raised by her cousin, Mordecai, was declared Queen of Media & Persia and 127 surrounding provinces.  At her throning there were banquets, fireworks and a BIG celebration.  The king actually made a holiday of that day called THE FEAST OF ESTHER.

Esther could have turned back, she forget the whole thing.  It is easy for her to shy away and say something like “I don’t belong here,” “I don’t belong in a palace leading hundreds of thousands of people.” But Esther did not.  She confidently took on her mantle.

Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz has spent three-plus decades teaching and preaching the Word of God.  She is a personal favorite of mine and I highly admire her.  Her dad, Billy Graham himself, called her “the best preacher in the family.” And she loves the compliment, but on the more serious note:

The New York Times named Anne Graham Lotz one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. She’s been profiled on 60 Minutes, and has appeared on TV programs such as Larry King LiveThe Today Show, and HannityLive. She has hosted the Just Give Me Jesus revivals in more than 30 cities and 12 different countries, to hundreds of thousands of attendees.  Anne is a best-selling author. Her most recent materials are Wounded by God’s PeopleFixing My Eyes on JesusExpecting to See Jesus and her first children’s book, Heaven: God’s Promise for Me. (http://www.annegrahamlotz.com)

Esther Fedorkevich

Esther Fedorkevich








The daughter of Ukrainian immigrants from Argentina and China, Esther is the founder of The Fedd Agency- a literary agency that promotes books for literally the top Christian authors in the industry.  She has assisted people like like Mark Batterson, Tim McGraw, Sara Evans, Lysa Terkeurst, Matthew Barnett, George Barna, Jud Wilhite, and Steven Furtick to name a few.   After breaking records selling Bible studies for Lifeway, she went on to work for The Lampo Group, and learned from and promoted works for the best-selling author and entrepeneur, Dave Ramsey.  That was ten years ago. Today, The Fedd Agency is a bustling firm serving some of the top authors in the CBA industry. Even as a young girl she had a entrepreneurial spirit and in her free time lives to shoot hoops and play tennis.  She also hosts a writers conference named Re:Write.  She loves the quote from Mark Batterson: “WORK LIKE IT DEPENDS ON YOU and PRAY LIKE IT DEPENDS ON GOD.”  (http://www.chadrallen.com/www.thefeddagency.com)


Each of these women have made and are making an indelible mark in history.  Standing up for a cause, effecting so many lives.  As you may or may not notice each of these women love God, seek to please Him and I believe their success have come from their simple TRUST and CONDFIDENCE that God, the God they love and honor and who made them– will take them to where they must be.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”

–Phil. 4:13