Stop. Take a Breather

When was the last time as you ran between your “Gotta do’s” and “Done,” that you stopped  and took a breather.  I mean paused, to smell the roses?

One day while I was visiting central park in New York City, sitting on a bench and minding my business, the view of nature started to captivate me.  As I sat on that bench I began to hear the sound of many birds whistling & car horns ringing.  I observed the short grass and marveled at the tall trees, whose leaves just couldn’t seem to stay attach.  The warm sun rays beat on my face, yet a cool breeze safely countered its effect.  Nature being itself!  Birds searching for food, dogs- inquisitive as they are were simply searching.  People walking, strolling along with friends and some sitting nearby eating donuts!

What a beautiful earth The Lord has made!  All of the creation He has designed.  It was not me and certainly not you who wove such a beautiful tapestry and selected the sounds of I hears.  Remember: You were hand-crafted, especially-designed and God-breathed with specific plan & purpose.

But wrapped in the middle of this park’s beauty, was a homeless person sleeping on the ground with perhaps every item of his existence tucked under the sheet that covered him.

“Why doesn’t he have a place to sleep?” I thought.

There was also a lot of cars in the street, people flocked the park entrance, vendors were selling, buses touring.  But I chose not to look or listen to the noise, boisterous disarray while I sat, but purposefully chose to focused on trees, and the breeze.  Birds whistling and warm rays beat on my face.  In the midst of nature I hear the whisper- “I love You.  I made with a purpose.  You were fearfully fashioned to express the beauty and gifts captured deep inside of you.” -Psalm 139:14

While suspended between the “Gotta do’s” and “Done.”  Stop.  Take a breather.

You might find exactly what you needed in the beauty of God’s earth.




Justice for the Innocent

Injustice is still very much present in the world.  The Good News in the many cases of injustice today, justice still occurs today and women and girls are receiving the justice that’s due.

Story taken from Equality Now publications (see website):

Date- June 2013  Liz, a sixteen (16) year-old resident of the Busia County of Kenya, one day while she was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral, was kidnapped and gang raped by six male Kenyan residents.  Afterwards they left her unconscious, half dead, battered body in the pit of the community latrine (toilet).  Liz was still alive and then rescued by neighbouring villagers who reported the incident to the police.  At first the officers of the local Police Camp only gave the suspects mere “assault” charges.  But after the consistent petition of supporters and justice/ charity agencies the charges were upgraded to and arrest warrants issue. Justice groups include: Equality Now, Avaaz, REEP and the SOAWR coalition.  –

**According to, offenders of sexual abuse and sexual assault against women usually go unconvicted.  In fact, only an average of 3% of the perpetrators are imprisoned.  Out of one hundred sexual assault ad rape cases, forty of them are actually reported to the police, and out of forty only THREE of the felons will be convicted and imprisoned.  Justice needs to be served.

The A21 campaign is an international non-profit organization focused on defending & freeing men, women, boys and girls from the injustice o sex- and human- trafficking.  The organization is lead by speaker and philanthropist – Christine Caine.  Highly recommended-  Undaunted by C. Caine

Here are some testimonial from A21:  Miriam never had a birthday party, much less a birthday cake until this year, the year of her 16th birthday.  The staff and hosts at the A21 campaign threw a Sweet 16 Birthday Party just for Miriam.  Miriam: “I and the girls and this home will never forget this.”  The A21 campaign also provide full medical checkups it was found that she had had cervical cancer.  However, because of early detection and screening, doctors were able to successful remove all traces of the cancer and she is now CANCER-FREE!!  

Her statement:  “God has given me a second chance and I am going to live life well.” 

Praise the Lord!

Why care about these people: men, women, boys and girls?

Luke 4:18 – Jesus said He was sent me “to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, and recovery of sight for the blind; to set the oppressed free.”

No one should be held captive against there will!  No one.


In Isaiah 58 God declares,

Is this not the fast that I have chosen:
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,
And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out;
When you see the naked, that you cover him,
And not hide yourself from your own flesh?