Stop. Take a Breather

When was the last time as you ran between your “Gotta do’s” and “Done,” that you stopped  and took a breather.  I mean paused, to smell the roses?

One day while I was visiting central park in New York City, sitting on a bench and minding my business, the view of nature started to captivate me.  As I sat on that bench I began to hear the sound of many birds whistling & car horns ringing.  I observed the short grass and marveled at the tall trees, whose leaves just couldn’t seem to stay attach.  The warm sun rays beat on my face, yet a cool breeze safely countered its effect.  Nature being itself!  Birds searching for food, dogs- inquisitive as they are were simply searching.  People walking, strolling along with friends and some sitting nearby eating donuts!

What a beautiful earth The Lord has made!  All of the creation He has designed.  It was not me and certainly not you who wove such a beautiful tapestry and selected the sounds of I hears.  Remember: You were hand-crafted, especially-designed and God-breathed with specific plan & purpose.

But wrapped in the middle of this park’s beauty, was a homeless person sleeping on the ground with perhaps every item of his existence tucked under the sheet that covered him.

“Why doesn’t he have a place to sleep?” I thought.

There was also a lot of cars in the street, people flocked the park entrance, vendors were selling, buses touring.  But I chose not to look or listen to the noise, boisterous disarray while I sat, but purposefully chose to focused on trees, and the breeze.  Birds whistling and warm rays beat on my face.  In the midst of nature I hear the whisper- “I love You.  I made with a purpose.  You were fearfully fashioned to express the beauty and gifts captured deep inside of you.” -Psalm 139:14

While suspended between the “Gotta do’s” and “Done.”  Stop.  Take a breather.

You might find exactly what you needed in the beauty of God’s earth.