Abigail- Woman of Beauty & Understanding

This woman is the epitome of “Beauty and Understanding” and her name is Abigail.

In 1 Samuel 25:3, we read the story of a man who was a good businessman: he could bargain, negotiate, generate a profit and expand his merchandise, but lacked character and was  noted to be harsh and evil in his dealings (1 Sam 25:3).

Nabal was “very rich.”  [25:2 NKJV].  The amount a wealthy person would have in dollar bills, Nabal had in sheep and goats! Needless to say the man was doing well for himself.

But Nabal’s harshness and mean-temperament was overwhelming so much so that he received a reputation of such. Though he lacked character and often mistreated, and beguiled others, there was one decision Nabal made that was good.  That is, in choosing Abigail as his wife.  Abigail was the rose amongst thrones, and she possessed what he lacked.

One day David sent ten messengers to go to Carmel to greet Nabal in his name and bring Peace to Nabal’s household.  [By the way, Peace is used in the text three times in the greeting V.6]  David reminded Nabal of how well he treated his men in Carmel and how they were very well-preserved while in David’s presence.  So David expected the same treatment to be returned.  The messengers proceeded to ask Nabal for food and substance seeing they were in the grips of another feast day.

Nabal returned this message with David’s servants:  “Who is David? Who is the son of Jesse? …there are many servants nowadays….” [25:10 NKJV]

In other words, I don’t know you or your family.  You are insignificant to me!!


The so very wealthy Nabal, who possess more than sufficient to share with David’s men that day, just insulted David.

Has anyone ever insulted you?  I mean taken your name or your family’s name and sought to devalue, demean and cheapen it.  Far from what God intended it to be. 

And what’s sad is that Nabal didn’t get that he was speaking to a King.  The King of Israel’s army and servant of the Most High God… If only he knew how costly, worthy and highly-esteem David was.  If only the enemy of our souls get how costly, worthy and highly-esteem we are!  He would dear not make this remark!

But Abigail, the woman of Beauty and Understanding, as soon as she heard from Nabal’s servant how harsh and rude Nabal was, she hurried and met David, and indeed David already had with him four hundred valiant soldiers armed to recompense Nabal for the evil he had performed.  But Abigail went and bought gift-after-gift- after gift for the King: 200 loaves of bread, wine, prepared lamb and fresh baked grains.

Then Abigail pleaded “On me” may Nabal’s blame be place.  Abigail was so generous and honoring of David, David changed his mind!

The Lord worked things such that 10 days later, not long after Nabal held a large party with his friends, getting stooped and drunk in alcohol, Nabal died.  Then he thanked God for keeping him from avenging this enemy with “my own hand.”

If you don’t remember anything from this, Remember:

God performs vengeance better than you ever could. So let Him fight for you. (Exodus 14:14). 

Afterward, David was so impressed with Abigail, that she not only assuaged his anger, but spoke very generous words of honor, that David went and made Abigail his bride.


You are beautiful, you are gifted. Hand-tailored by the Master. A masterpiece of his creation. A helper, an encourager, a source strength and honor. [Psalm 139:14, Gen 2:22, Ephesians 2:10 & Proverbs 31:25]